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that’s it. that’s the show.

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More previews from our exclusive CP Cluedo that we’re designing for you, and will be waiting for you at EuroAirdotCon 2014!

Some hints about the rules: someone is trying to smuggle an invaluable object on GERTI. Who? And where is she/he hiding it?

Characters by Polly, objects by thebritishteapot

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stop playing the victim. that’s not even a real instrument



i will never forget this post

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Lovely Behind the Scenes Production Stills from Sherlock Season One - Found on the Australian Sherlock website (x)

All at 1024x768 - click on the pictures for the decent size.

And a bonus pic of Martin Freeman, taken by Steve Lawes, which I realised must have been taken on the same shoot as the top two images.

Other Sherlock Production pictures here: (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x).

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Three falls

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